Begrip Definitie
AMT chipset Chipset with Intel Active Management Technology for automated management (vulnerable than older chipsets from before 2008)
Air-gapped A security measure whereby a laptop is kept entirely offline, separate from other local networks and the internet
Backdoor Covert security vulnerabilities that allow a system’s known security mechanisms to be bypassed, allowing undetectable access to the computer or its data
Operating system The software that takes control of the computer as it boots up, tells the computer what to do and how to do it, and is the interface through which you use the computer
BIOS Basic Input/Output System - a set of computer instructions in firmware that control input and output operations
Bridges (Tor) Bridges are Tor relays (nodes or computer points that receive traffic on the Tor network and pass it along) that help circumvent censorship
Dragnet A mass surveillance system operated through programs that sift through and collect the world’s online and telecommunication data
Faraday cage or bag A metallic enclosure that prevents the entry or escape of an electromagnetic field
Firmware Software programmed onto hardware that provides instructions for how the device communicates with the other computer hardware (includes BIOS)
Hardware The physical elements that comprise a computer system
Malware Malicious software, typically spyware, designed to disrupt or damage a computer system
Man-in-the-middle-aanval (MITM) The covert interception of communications by the impersonation of a target
Metadata Data about data
Middleware Programming that "glues” together"/mediates between two separate and often already existing programs: e.g. allows programs to access databases
Node A computer from the Tor-netwerk which passes traffic from one computer/node to another (the Tor-nodes)
Opensource Free software of which the source code is publicly available
Assessing what you have to protect against whom, dictates your risk level
Tor network Worldwide network of computers , called Tor-nodes
Tor-relay Nodes of computer accesspoints that receive and pass on traffic