Silkie Carlo

Silkie is the director of Big Brother Watch. Before joining Big Brother Watch, she was the Senior Advocacy Officer at Liberty where she led a programme on Technology and Human Rights and launched a legal challenge to the Investigatory Powers Act. She previously worked for Edward Snowden’s official defence fund and whistleblowers at risk. She is a passionate campaigner for the protection of liberties, particularly in the context of new and emerging technologies. She has worked to uphold rights in the fields of state surveillance, policing technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and free expression online. Silkie is also an information security trainer and organises ‘Cryptoparty London’. She is the co-author of Information Security for Journalists.

Arjen Kamphuis

Arjen Kamphuis - training journalists for Reuters - Thailand (Photo by Roger Renni)
Arjen Kamphuis in protective armour – training journalists for Reuters – Thailand (Photo by Roger Renni, spring 2018)

Arjen was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gendo. Kamphuis studied Natural Sciences at Utrecht University. Since 2006 he helped to secure the information systems of corporates, national government and NGO’s. His work ranges from regular privacy-compliance and security-awareness up to countering espionage against companies, journalists and governments. He worked on the strategic impact of new technological developments and the social, economic and geo-political impact of science and technology. Since 2009 Arjen has been training journalists, politicians, lawyers, human rights workers and whistleblowers to defend their communications and data from government or corporate intrusions or manipulation. Gendo (2005). He worked for IBM as IT architect and IT strategy advisor. In 2016 Kamphuis started working for Brunel in Amsterdam as Lead Advisor Information Security and from then on he worked closely with William (Bill) Binney and Kirk Wiebe. In late 2017 he started the Brunel daughter company Pretty Good Knowledge as Technical Director. Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe are co-founders and they contribute as Directors of Analytics.

In August 2018 Arjen disappeared during his holiday in Norway. Up till now we still do not know what exactly happened. The police conclude that he probably drowned due to a kayak accident. However, his body has not been found. In a national theatre performance by the well-known 'Verleiders' (seducers) in 2019, Arjen's work and what he contributed to the InfoSec community is credited.

Helma de Boer

Helma is een informatiebeveiligings- en privacyprofessional. Ze werkte ruim vijf jaar Privacy Officer en coördinator Informatiebeveiliging voor Deltion College, een grote roc in Zwolle met ruim 18.000 studenten. Ze werkt tegenwoordig als Information Security Officer voor SURF, de ICT-coöperatie voor de onderwijssector. Daarnaast geeft ze via haar bedrijf Artheos (2004) trainingen in digitale zelfbescherming. In het begin van haar carrière werkte ze als juridisch medewerker. Ze leerde zichzelf programmeren in de jaren ’90 en bouwde vele websites en databases voor het mkb. Ze studeerde digitale communicatie en behaalde haar bachelor Nederlands aan Hogeschool Windesheim. Daarnaast volgde ze opleidingen tot Exin certified Data Protection Officer aan het HAN in Arnhem, waaronder informatiebeveiliging naast de juridische en technische onderdelen. Begin 2018 schreeft ze met Arjen Kamphuis het boekje ‘Persoonlijke informatiebeveiliging’ in opdracht van het Broodfonds. Ze is certified DPO, Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) en gecertificeerd Information Security Manager.

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Whether you’re a journalist, hacker, politician, a laborer or industry leader. In the absence of Arjen Kamphuis, be a little more Arjen Kamphuis. Be principled, stay vigilant, remember the big picture, help the vulnerable, speak truth to power. #FindArjen

Credits AK - theatershow De Verleiders
Credits Arjen Kamphuis – theatershow De Verleiders –
Photo: Theo Sinneman