Book launch 24 January, 2020

InfoSecurity (Gran knows why) - Arjen Kamphuis 2020

In August 2018, Arjen Kamphuis, cyber security and infosec expert went missing in Norway. Maybe you know him or you got it in the news. I worked with him and in October 2019 we collected memories of him with friends and family in a small ceremony.


Since then I have been working in a small group on a book (English) in which his writings and his InfoSec book have been collected to keep his ideas alive. Prof. dr. Bart Jacobs from Radboud University wrote the preface in this book. The book launch was on Friday 24 January.

Open standards

Arjen was an advocate for open standards and open source, a subject that he found very important for government and education. This importance is gradually being recognised, see for example this article in the Volkskrant in which universities speak out for less dependence on American suppliers . Because Arjen can no longer do it himself, I would like to point out to you his insights, which are still relevant. His insights have been incorporated into the book (English).

Book launch and exhibition in Arnhem

During the book launch Friday evening January 24 at 7 p.m. in Arnhem, I spoke about the book. At the same time, the Into Nothingness exhibition with paintings about him was opened.

The event took place at the Hackerspace Hack42 in Arnhem, which also has a computer museum. There is plenty to browse there. 

 The content of the book is free (creative commons 4.0), in line with Arjen’s method. But we do want to cover paper and expenses. We use 25 euros for the softcover as an amount to cover the costs. A hard cover will follow. Excess money goes to a reprint in hardcover. The book is free available in PDF two years after his dissapperane.
Read or download Infosecurity (Gran knows why) and the handy InfoSec book (PDF).

Read more: exhibition Into Nothingness

Book directly order: (softcover) or at hack42 (hardcover).
You will be paying for the paper not the book. Excess money will be spent on a reprint.

Arjen as keynote speaker - The future is now (Noordwijk, July 2018)
Arjen as keynote speaker – The future is now (Noordwijk, July 2018)